In this course students will perform a number of experiments in the subject areas associated with the Aerospace Option curriculum, and prepare formal laboratory reports. In addition to the designated time slots for groups of students to perform the experiments in the lab, the apparatuses are remotely accessible enabling students to also perform the experiments from anywhere at any time. During the remote operation, students have the audio-visual input from the setup as well as all the data and system interface identical to when they work in the laboratory. For each remote session, the instructor or a TA can monitor the experiment and guide the student through the steps. Students will also have remote access to an application server for running various software application, such as MATLAB, and analyzing their data. Report preparation and submission will also be done on-line through the course portal.


The first 2014 session of the course will be held at the Aero-Design Laboratories (SF4102) on Thursday, January 30, 10-11 a.m.